Building data and proximity technologies for the products of tomorrow.

Our Company

XY - The Persistent Company, founded in 2012, has consistently been creating software and location-data devices to build a global data network. We focus on a person's relationship to the physical world through multiple virtual realties, whether they're smartphones, Internet of Things devices, Blockchain ledgers, or something more.

Our Products

The COIN app allows users to collect digital assets around the world, based on geospatial data and XYO Protocol heuristics, in exchange for providing location-based data, which is hosted using XYO Network. These digital assets can then be exchanged for real world goods, such as shirts and hats, or withdrawn as cryptocurrency tokens once a minimum balance is reached.
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XY Bluetooth Finders let you use your phone to quickly find the things you misplace most - your keys, the remote, or the kids' backpacks. Lost your phone? The XY4+ can make it ring, even on silent. Find the things you misplace most like your keys, purse, phone, backpack or more with XY4+.

Our Commitment

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XY developer Phillip Lorenzo with the winners of the XYO-sponsored hackathon at World Crypto Conference 2019, who are students from Clark High School in Las Vegas

XY developers worked with the winners of the XYO-sponsored hackathon at World Crypto Conference 2019 – students from Clark High School in Las Vegas. Their project, QJump, used the XYO Protocol to verify physical queue order.

XYO Network is the first crypto-location network built for the world of tomorrow. The XYO Network leverages the powerful location protocols developed by XY and combines them with the world of blockchain.

XYO Network, first established by XY in 2018, is now the purview of XYO Foundation, pending official non-profit status. Its mission: Educate developers and aspiring developers about emerging technologies and facilitate the continued research and education necessary for the XYO protocol, network, tools, and documentation.

As XYO's founder, XY builds its code repositories to incorporate XYO technology. Additionally, we are donating staff hours and resources, as well as important breakthroughs, to the XYO Foundation. Together with XYO and its participants, we are building the future of decentralized geospatial data.

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