XY's 2021 Roadmap


Data Marketplace Technology
  • Rewarded UniSwap Pair Tokens (Q1-2021)
  • Rewarded Ground Truth Validation (Q2-2021)
  • Rewarded Receipt Scans (Q3-2021)
  • Rewarded Store Feedback (Q4-2021)
  • Learn more about COIN


Data Verification Technology
  • Physical Purchase Verification (Q1-2021)
  • Digital Identity Verification (Q2-2021)
  • Physical Location Verification (Q3-2021)
  • Physical Identity Verification (Q4-2021+)
  • Learn more about XYO


Data Management Technology
  • Beta Release Development (Q1-2021)
  • Closed Beta Release (Q2-2021)
  • Open Beta Release (Q3-2021)
  • Version 1 Release (Q4-2021)
  • More info about LifeHash coming soon!

XYO World

Decentralized Digital Location
  • GeoToken Rewards (Q1-2021)
  • ETH Gas Price Solution Selected (Q2-2021)
  • GeoAnchors Introduction (Q3-2021)
  • ETH Gas Price Solution Implementation (Q4-2021+)
  • Learn more about XYO World


Spend Protection & Management
  • Beta Testing Completion (Q1-2021)
  • Improved Transaction Validation (Q2-2021)
  • Improved Transaction Mapping (Q3-2021)
  • Improved Card Management (Q4-2021)
  • More info about Purchases coming soon!

XY Find It

Personal Organization & Finding
  • Beta Apps for Current Systems (Q1-2021)
  • New Release Versions of Apps (Q2-2021)
  • SDKs Fully Updated (Q3-2021)
  • Holiday Gift Marketing (Q4-2021)
  • Learn more about XY Find It

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